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5 tricks you should be using for on-point brows

Getting the perfect brow can be trickier than you’d think. 5 minutes of careful shading - and it still doesn’t look quite right.

Here are our top tips to help you get the eyebrows you’ve always wanted, with minimum fuss.

5 tricks you should be using for on-point brows

1. Beat the pain

Some people are just more sensitive when it comes to hair removal, and it’s difficult to get the perfect brow when 5 minutes of plucking turns you into a wincing, teary-eyed mess.

Reduce the pain by plucking after you’ve been in the shower, or place a warm washcloth over your brow for a minute or so first. This will open up your pores and make sure the hairs come out more easily.

Also, make sure you’re using sharp tweezers – a dull edge will make it much harder to grip the hairs and you won’t get a neat result. Done a heavy session with the tweezers right before going out? Use ice to calm any inflammation or redness.

2. Use natural light

As ever with makeup, low lighting or harsh fluorescents are the enemy. You either can’t see well enough to catch all the stray hairs, or you’ll end up over-plucking, because a bright glare does strange things to your eyes. Find yourself a window!

5 tricks you should be using for on-point brows

3. Don’t overdo it

For once, you’ve managed to fill in your brows perfectly. Too perfectly, in fact.

For a natural finish, the colour should start out lighter at the inner corner, then get gradually more intense as it goes into an arch. To get this right, either apply less product on the inner corner of the brow, or use a lighter colour, blending it well into the darker shade further along. The easiest tool for this is a brow pencil, which allows you draw in small, delicate hairs for a realistic result – we love Rimmel’s Professional Brow Pencil, £2.99.

5 tricks you should be using for on-point brows

4. Match your brows to your makeup

Do the rest of your makeup first so you can judge how your brows fit in with the day’s look. Natural, boyish brows can look washed out if the rest of your makeup is very defined, while Instagram-style eyebrows might look over the top with a no-makeup look.

5. Don’t forget the highlighter

Now you’ve created the perfect eyebrow, don’t forget the last touch that sets it all off. Add a dab of highlighter, like Brow this Way Highlighter, £4.99, under the arch and tail end of your well-groomed brow to lift and lighten your face. It’s honestly magic!                     

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