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7 things you know if you're a lipstick addict

Lipstick is addictive, fact. Just a swipe can instantly transform your look, whether you’re rocking a bold red that makes your skin appear glowy, or a soft nude that upgrades your smoky eye.

And if, like us, you’re hooked on lipstick, there are 7 things you’ll know to be true about wearing the stuff. If you’re not… well, here are some great reasons to start slicking it on ASAP.

1. Red lips make everything better

So what if you overslept and you have no time for your usual beauty routine? Throw your hair in a topknot, swipe a red lipstick on, and you’ll look pulled-together in seconds flat. When in doubt, turn to the queen of the effortless look, Kate Moss, who has just launched a 15th anniversary collection of Lasting Finish Lipsticks, £6.49 each, including three stunning reds.

2. You can do top-ups anywhere

7 things you know if you're a lipstick addict

Every spare moment is a good time to refresh your lip look, no matter where you are. Whether you’re dashing to meet friends or sitting in the back of a cab, you’ve perfected your own technique that makes top-ups a no-brainer.

3. Yes, you do need that many nudes

And, no, they’re not all the same. Every lipstick addict knows their pinky nudes from their peaches and beiges, and wears them like a pro. If you’re looking to add to your nude lip line-up, Kate’sjust launched threein her 15thanniversary collection, £6.49 each: Boho Nude (warm), Rock n’ Roll Nude (peachy), and My Nude (beige). They’re all dreamy.

4. Lipstick isn't just great for lips

7 things you know if you're a lipstick addict

Sure - you’re only meant to apply your lipstick to your lips, but a swipe of the right shades on your mouth can also help to enhance skin, eyes and teeth. Go for a blue toned shade like Lasting Finish Kate 15 Lipstick in Retro Red or Muse Red, £6.49 each, and the contrast will make the rest of your features look brighter and fresher, too.

5. Choosing your shade each day is a big decision

So never let anyone rush you. Take your time, and if you’re totally stuck, just swipe on that pinky-nude that makes your lips look full and dewy.

6. Matching manis and lips is a must

7 things you know if you're a lipstick addict

Lips-and-tips combos are trending, proving it’s cool to match your mani to your lipstick. In fact, if you get your shades right, this look can have a major impact. Go classic by pairing nude polish and lipstick, add a metallic nude nail polish into the mix, or double up your reds on mouth and tips for a look that grabs attention.

7. You can wear it with anything

Literally, anything. Lipstick works with all makeup looks, whether you crave a smoky eye, have a thing for bold eyeshadows, or you’re glued to your sculpting palette, some colour on your pout just ties it all together. What’s not to love?  

Here are more ways to amp up your lipstick game. Here are hacks to help match your lipsticks perfectly.