A taste of London

So this weekend we kindly got invited to the Taste of London festival - it was a real-life foodie wonderland. The festival was in Regents Park and it might seem like an odd way to describe the event as a 'festival' but surprisingly and rather thankfully it was indeed like having all the good bits of a festival within easy reach, and with blinkin good food. With a summer festival atmosphere, amazing drinks (that were affordable and easy to get a hold of), oh and nice posh toilets that you didn't have to queue for (bonus) it was my ideal festival. It was like stepping into that dream where great restaurant after great restaurant offer you a sample of their award winning food and every where you turn there's a drink to be had and something interesting to listen or chat to. Oh isn't life perfect...

But seriously, with over 40 of London's best restaurants serving up an array of fabulous dishes, alfresco drinks and music pumping from the bars and stages, the day was fun-filled. And you could attend talks, meet chefs, learn cooking tips and even pick up a great recipe book (which we did.) 

Here are some of the delightful taste experiences we came across.

Learning how to pull a proper pint of stella. 

Look out for next years dates here and also if your into you're music, food, alcohol and outdoor foolery (well, who isn't) then this next event might be for you - Feastival