Burger Triathalon

3 burgers. 3 weeks. 3 extra belly rolls.

Patty & Bun

And in my humble opinion, i just found it too sloppy. I like sloppy, but this was super sloppy. Sloppy oil dribbling down your chin sloppy. The wings were a little over barbecue-sauced too. Mental taste combinations of BBQ and chicken will kick off in your mouth - if you like that sort of thing. No crazy stories here though…a bit of a queue and a quick get in, get out sort of place. 

Steak & Honour

Now i am a little bit biased as up and coming Steak&Honour entrepreneur Leo Reitoff and his lovely wife Charlie are good friends of mine. But my gosh this was a blinkin good burger. And one that easily rivals the best that London has to offer. Leo’s Steak&Honour cool Citroen van is usually parked up in and around the lovely Cambridge, but i’ll bet you it’s not long before they rock up in London town. The burger was juicy, fresh, American style with a really great bun (yes it does make all the difference) and a great price! I’d certainly travel to Cambridge for this bad boy, and I recommend you do too. Follow his dates and pop-ups over on twitter…this boy has talent that’s worth getting your teeth stuck into. 

Five Guys

More of a professional fast food set-up, this place rocks. With an interesting ‘story’ that the friendly staff are happy to tell you all about whilst you wait in the queue, it’s certainly an exciting place to be. Originally set up by 5 guys from the same family in 1986, the traditions and beliefs still ring true today. With a bit of a cult-like following they stand out by making fresh hand-cut chips, giving customers peanuts to eat whilst watching the kitchen do there thang and offering an unlimited amount of toppings for no extra cost. Oh, and the best-ever drinks machine i’ve ever seen ever! And at the end of it all, you get a decent burger too - bonus!

Right, i’m off to eat salad.