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How to avoid streaking makeup during festival season

Festival season means making all kinds of fantastic memories: dancing until dawn with your besties, clustering around a campfire singing your favourite tunes, welcoming the sunrise from a hilltop surrounded by strangers.

But while you're surrendering to the music and having the time of your life, you're also wondering how you're looking. Dashing in and out of portaloos probably means you haven't checked yourself out in the mirror since the morning - so your makeup has to be able to go the distance.

Whether you're blessed with days of sunshine, or keeping your chin up during downpours, here's how to make sure your makeup stays on your face for as long as you need it to.

1. Prime, prime, prime

You might be able to get away with skipping this step on an average day, but not when you're dealing with sweat and rain showers and dancing for hours. A good primer will keep all your other products firmly in place, while providing you with a a glowy base complete with SPF. Rimmel London #InstaFlawless Primer, £6.99, helps protect and perfect skin - plus it erases signs of fatigue (a must, especially if you didn't go to bed until 6am!).

How to avoid streaking makeup during festival season

2. Get basic

It can be tempting to ditch the foundation when you're spending your nights in a tent and attempting application using only a pocket mirror - but trust us. The right foundation layered over your illuminating primer will give you a smooth, even complexion for up to 25 hours, meaning you won't have to spare a thought for your base all day and all night. Pick one that's long-lasting and promises to stay in place - Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, £7.99, comes complete with a comfort serum that keeps your skin hydrated, so even if your wellies are leaking, you'll know your face is in place.

3. Go waterproof

Because nobody wants tracks of black snaking down their cheeks, do they? Whether they've been caused by sweat, rain, or tears of joy, avoid messy mascara marks by investing in a good waterproof mascara (we love Rimmel London Wonder'Full Mascara Waterproof, £7.99). Slick it on in the morning and you'll be bright-eyed, beautiful and ready to go!

How to avoid streaking makeup during festival season

4. Perfect your line

Kohl eyeliner can have a tendency to go smudgy, so if you're keen to add some drama to your look, do it with a liquid liner that'll dry down and stay put. Rimmel London Colour Precise Eye Liner, £5.99, comes in blue, black and white so you can get creative - plus it'll shrug off sweat and humidity to stay in place for up to 24 hours. Flawless!

5. Sculpt away

With Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99, contouring is as easy as 1, 2, 3, as it contains a matte bronzer, a coral blusher, and a shimmering highlighter. Not only is the kit ultra-portable - making it ideal for tucking in your festival bag - but it lasts and lasts thanks to the powder formula. No smudges here!

How to avoid streaking makeup during festival season