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How to get amazing curl in your lashes - without using an eyelash curler

So, you want an enviable flutter? Join the club! 
We’re all craving lashes with a super curl, but fiddling around with a lash curler can feel like too much fuss. Thankfully, there’s a host of tips, tricks and products that can help you nail a perfect curve in seconds flat – all without the risk of crimping your eyelids. Ouch.
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A curled lash does so much more for your eyes than help you work a killer flutter. Lashes that reach for the sky allow more light to enter the iris, so you look more awake. Convinced? Read on to upgrade your curl the Rimmel London way, with everything from lash contouring to a smart mascara that ‘perms’ the shape in place… 
1. Pick a curl-boosting mascara
Now, this is vital. You need a mascara that acts like a blowdry for your lashes, styling them into a curl and holding the fluttery shape from day to night. Rimmel 24Hr Supercurler Mascara in Extreme Black ticks those boxes with a curved fibre brush, which grabs every lash and pulls them up to a gravity-defying 90 degrees. There’s more; the formula is packed with an innovative, super-curling polymer which ‘perms’ that curl for up to 24 hours. Go ahead and bat those lashes! 
2. Nail the application
Once you’ve got a mascara with a curved brush, hold it above your upper lashes and coat the top of them by rolling the wand up and out. Next, apply from beneath the lashes - first wiggling the brush at the base, then slowly gliding it up and out, until it reaches the very tip of your strands.
3. Mix up your mascara shades
Think of this as contouring for your lashes. You’ll need two shades of mascara here: one that’s black to coat your bottom lashes, and one that’s super black to amp up your top ones. Making the upper lashes darker than the lower adds dimension and allows them to really pop, which makes them appear extra fresh and fluttery. Try Rimmel 24Hr Supercurler Mascara in Extreme Black on top lashes to get the look. 
Now you know how to boost your lash curl, work that full-on flutter with pride. Just don’t be surprised if everyone thinks you’re wearing a set of falsies…