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How to get this season's lash looks

You might think that when it comes to mascara, you just swipe it on and go. But sometimes it’s worth playing around with your lashes, and trying something different day to day. Here are a few suggestions which are bang on trend…

Spider lashes

How to get this season's lash looks

While in the past you might have gone out of your way to avoid clumps (eyelash combs, anyone?), this year it’s all about spidery lashes, the deliberately punkier the better.

To nail this look, brush some translucent powder, such as Stay Matte Powder, £3.99, onto your clean bare lashes, to create a layer for the mascara to grip on to. Then apply Supercurler Mascara, £6.99, in one stroke, without wiggling the brush through to separate the lashes. Wait for it to dry and brush another layer of powder on before your second coat of mascara. Voilà! Dramatic, spidery eyes straight from the catwalk.

The minimalist look

How to get this season's lash looks

Sitting at the opposite end of the lash spectrum, this is all about enhancing your natural features and keeping your face fresh and clean. Think groomed brows, flawless, glowing skin and natural, fluttery eyelashes. For the brows, look no further than Brow This Way Gel in Clear, £3.99, while the dewy finish can be achieved with new Fresher Skin Foundation, £5.99, topped with Good to Glow Highlighter, £4.99. For the eyes, use Wonder’Full Mascara with Argan Oil, £7.99, for a beautiful, natural lash look, finished off with a subtle slick of Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude, £3.99.

Mascara as eyeliner

How to get this season's lash looks

As ever, the dark dramatic eye is a beauty winner. After you’ve loaded up on smokey liner and shadow, use the mascara to intensify the lashline. Using Rimmel’s new Scandaleyes Reloaded, £6.99, which volumises without clumps, push the wand into the very base of the lashes. This amps up the drama of the eyeliner, drawing even more attention to your finished look.

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