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How to make lashes look instantly longer

The lashes of our dreams are a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Bambi’s, and while we’re not lucky enough to look that doe-eyed when we wake up, it doesn’t take long to transform your lashes into a fluttery, beautiful pair – with just the help of a little mascara.

How to make lashes look instantly longer

Wave the magic wand

When layering on mascara, apply as usual with the wand held horizontally, then for the second coat, turn it vertically and use the tip to brush extra product onto the end of your lashes. This adds extra length and weight, making your eyelashes extra fluttery.

Don’t get clumpy

The spidery lash look, while a current trend, won’t be your aim if you want long, flirty lashes. What you need is Rimmel’s new Scandaleyes Reloaded, £6.99, which gives you bold black lashes without the clumps, thanks to a new, max density brush. Simply swipe and go.

How to make lashes look instantly longer

Bottom up

Painting your bottom lashes is a sure fire way to make your eyes look extra wide and doe-like, creating the illusion of length. Wipe any excess product off your wand and then gently brush the mascara through the lower lashes, wiping away any clumps with your fingers.

Take it off

Never, never go to bed with your makeup on. You already know that sleeping in foundation is bad for your skin, and leaving your mascara on overnight can cause your eyelashes to become brittle and break off. Avoid the horror story by making sure your lashes are 100% bare before bedtime.  

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