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Lashes Of Attraction: How to get noticed with 5 new lash looks

You’ve mastered the perfect berry lip. Your cat-eye flicks are even and dramatic. So now, it’s time to whip out the mascara and get creative with your lash looks. 

1. Super Curled

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These days, ain’t nobody got time for an eyelash curler. Life moves too fast, and your makeup bag is already jam-packed. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the doe-eyed look that a super-curled lash can give you. 

To give a curl a whirl, get hold of Rimmel London’s 24HR Supercurler Mascara in Extreme Black – as well as giving you buildable volume, it has a super-curling polymer which ‘perms’ your lashes into an instant and effortless 90 degree curve. 

There’s a special trick to the application: first, hold the wand above your upper lashes so the brush curves down. Sweep it through the top of the strands, from root to tip – rotating as you go. 

Then, hold the wand below your upper lashes so the curved brush hugs your lash line, and wiggle it from the base to the ends to style in a super curl. Finally, hold the brush vertically and brush upwards. If you follow the steps, your curl will hold for up to 24 hours. Gorgeous!

2. Built-Up Bottom Lashes

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It’s easy to neglect your bottom lashes and focus on the top – but don’t leave them out! Give eyes a sixties vibe by sweeping one thin coat of mascara through your upper lashes, then building up two thickening, lengthening coats on lower lashes. 

Try holding a teaspoon between your lashes and your skin to avoid getting smudges on your skin – then very gently brush mascara from root to tip. You’ll be surprised at how much length you can get from careful application; and you might also be surprised how well this technique opens up your eyes. 

3. Full-On and Fanned-Out

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Most of us apply our mascara early in the morning, without paying much thought to the application. This means we default to the classic technique: wiggle the brush at the root of the lashes, then sweep up. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s a classic for a reason.

But for an ultra fluttery, anime-eyed look, try switching things up and sweeping the brush horizontally across the upper lashes. That way, instead of your mascara brush pushing eyelashes up, the strands are swept sideways to fan them out and widen your pretty peepers. Spend some extra time really defining the outer corners, then couple with a neat liner flick. You’ll be catching eyes all over the place. 

4. Luminous Lids

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Think of your eyelids and brow bone as the backdrop for enviable lashes: now, wouldn’t they draw more attention if there was a spotlight behind them? By focusing only on your lashes, you might be missing out on techniques that make them more outstanding than ever.

Our tip? Embrace the latest makeup trends and brush a soft pink or a cool bronze across your lid; your black lashes will stand out against the luminous background, giving your mascara extra impact. Pick up Rimmel Glam’Eyes HD Eyeshadow in Pinkadilly Circus or Brixton Brown for the right kind of colour pop. 

5. Sultry Spider Lashes

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Turn your eyelashes into the star of the show by applying two generous coats of mascara, then carefully pinching adjacent lashes together into points. 

The thick black starry points of this look draw attention to your eyes, lend lashes volume, and give your everyday makeup a high-fashion spin.