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OMBRE EVERYTHING: From your lips to your eyebrows to your nails, it's all dip-dyed

Ombre hair has been a key part of the East London girl's look for the last few seasons - and now the dip-dyed trend is travelling upwards. From the lips to the eyebrows, it's all about taking a subtle colour gradient, and using it to make your best features pop.

It might sound intimidating, but check out our easy tips below - you'll be all about the ombre in no time at all.

Ombre Brows

From bleach to rainbow to the Instagram brow, the focus on a formidable arch has meant we've been through a tonne of brow trends recently - but the ombre look is the latest and greatest. 

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More subtle than earlier trends, the ombre brow is all about blending colour with the careful use of an eyebrow palette. By darkening the brow at the arch and following it through to a crisp black tip, you'll get the same effect as lowlights in a sun-touched mane of hair - adding depth and drama.

Ombre Lips

This is a trend you're going to want to save for the hottest party of the year - and unfortunately, it might mean sipping through a straw. But trust us; it'll be worth it.

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An ombre lip is actually pretty easy to achieve - and if you're a lipstick lover, you've probably already got the tools you need. Just take two lipsticks of a similar hue, one darker than the other, and fade in from the lip line.

Going dark to light has the added bonus of making your lips look fuller.

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You can make it as dramatic as you like, but remember - we're not talking two thick lines of colour. Make sure you blend and smudge to create the impression of a gradual, gorgeous fade. It's a sunset for your mouth.

Ombre Nails

This is a bit of a big job (do it while watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars) - but the beauty of a perfect manicure is that with a good topcoat, it'll last for long enough that everyone you know can get fully jealous of your nail skills.

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You're going to need two to three different shades - the colour combinations are endless, but keep the colours similar and slick to avoid looking like a flag. 


There are several different techniques to this, but the easiest by far is to apply a base coat, then apply the second in graduating layers up to the tip of the nail.

A make-up sponge will stop your layers from being too crisp - and remember that every nail should look a little bit different.

Ombre Eyeliner

You're going to need a steady hand for this trend, but as long as you've armed yourself with a couple of hyper-pigmented liquid eyeliners, it's a breeze.

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Simply line the inner corner of the lid with one colour and the outer with the other, allowing them to bleed into each other a little at the middle. Keep your lines crisp and your colours modern, and the look is less rainbow and more high fashion.