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Post-weekend pick-up: how to look fresh after a big Bank Holiday

You did the Bank Holiday weekend right. You went out three nights in a row, hit up every one of your friends’ barbecues, and had a pretty major shopping spree. You’re probably looking (and feeling) tired right now, so to help you get back in the non-weekend mindset, we’ve got your ultimate look that keeps fatigue under wraps. Try these tricks…

1. Go for a glowy foundation

Keep your base looking fresh with a light foundation that evens out redness and dark circles, while balancing the oily zones you can get when your skin is feeling run down. Fresher Skin Foundation, £7.49, ticks all those boxes, yet you’ll barely feel it on your face. For more coverage in certain spots – like under-eyes – just tap on a second, sheer layer.

2. Do the dew with blusher

how to look fresh after a big Bank Holiday

For the prettiest flush of healthy colour on your cheeks, a cream blusher will lend a seamless finish. Try Royal Blush, £5.49, a cream that blends like a dream, then turns into a long-wear powder on your skin. It will last all day, so even when you’re lagging, you’ll still look radiant.

3. Perk up eyes with purple

If you’ve ever wondered what colours to wear when your eyes are looking tired, go for a blue-toned purple on your lids. It’s huge for this season, and it makes you look more awake. We love the deep violet shade of Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Purple, £3.99, which can be nudged between lashes to make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

4. Wear a luminous lip

how to look fresh after a big Bank Holiday

Even your lipstick can brighten your skin – if you choose the right shade, that is. Go for a radiant nude, like the slightly pinky Kate 15 Lasting Finish Lipstick in Rock ‘n’ Roll Nude, £6.49. Just a slick of this will make your whole face look more pulled together. If you prefer a warm tone, try Boho Nude, which is a peachier take on buff lips. 

5. Bump up your brows

It is literally amazing what brows can do to your whole face: grooming them can help you contour in a whole new way. By defining them with a wax and powder – like the combo in the Brow This Way Kit, £3.99 – you’ll instantly look more polished. To up the lifting effect, use the Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil, £4.99, on your brow bones and the inner corners of your eyes.

how to look fresh after a big Bank Holiday

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