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Red vs. nude: which lipstick shade should YOU wear?

We’ve been part of a makeup dream team with Kate Moss for 15 years. So, to celebrate, we’ve paired up with the supermodel to create nine amazing, new products. And there’s something big for lipstick lovers: six unseen shades of Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss, £6.49, in her favourite hues, from your-lips-but-better nudes to bright, bold reds.

The question is, with three nudes and three reds to choose from, which colours should you try? After all, you can’t beat a buff shade with a smoky eye, but a red is ultra eye-catching. To help you choose between #RedsVSNudes, we’ve weighed up the pros of these iconic lip colours. Just don’t be surprised if you end up coveting all six...


Retro Red Lipstick - Rimmel London

When it comes to packing a real pigment punch, red nails it every time - whether you’re wearing an orange-toned neon, a sheer poppy red, or a deep burgundy hue. One swipe has magic powers: it can instantly perk up your face to make you look more awake, while a blue undertone will help your teeth and the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

Kate’s new, go-to Lasting Finish reds offer intense colour for up to eight hours, so the likes of Idol Red - a tangerine-tinted shade – will stick around. Muse Red is a true scarlet lipstick that takes your makeup look from day to night, and Retro Red is a dreamy pick that’s deep, dark and sultry. Go, reds.


Boho Nude Lipstick - Rimmel London

You can nail any look with a nude lipstick, from no makeup-makeup to dramatic eyeliner. The trick is just finding a shade that feels effortless - and Kate found three! Perfect for wearing to brunch or on a big night out, you can channel the model by adding a couple of coats of mascara to your lashes.

In Kate’s new collection, the nudes include her signature, glossy beige, My Nude, which flatters everyone thanks to its slightly shiny finish. Boho Nude is warmer and helps you tick off the 90s trend, while Rock ‘n’ Roll Nude boasts a pretty, peachy tone that’s fun and feminine.

And the best part is, each of the lipsticks pair perfectly with Kate's 15th anniversary trio of Super Gel Nail Polishes, £5.99 each. On the nude side there's Boho-Licious, on the red there's a shimmering rouge called Rock N' Sparkle, and for rose gold lovers there's a soft metallic named Gilty Pleasure.

So, are you team red or team nude lipstick? Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose. Instead, make like Kate and give all six of her new Lasting Finish Lipsticks a go.