Steal your friends' makeup looks with Rimmel's new beauty app

Maybe she rocks a bold lipstick like no other, or is never seen without a flawless eyeliner flick. She could even be the biggest contouring pro you know. Whatever look your best friend nails, you know you’ve always wanted to steal her makeup style – even just for a minute  - to see if it would suit you, too.

And now there’s an easy way you can…

What if we told you that all you had to do was point your camera at your friend, and her full makeup look would appear, virtually, on your own face? Thanks to Rimmel London’s ground-breaking new app Get the Look, you can do just that on your phone by tapping ‘Steal the Look’, and snapping a picture of her flawless face.

Take the pic, and the Get the Look app will scan her makeup onto your face, right down to her plumped-up lashes and that perfect shade of coral blusher she wears. Then it’s down to you; you can snap a selfie of you wearing your BFF’s look and share it on your social feeds – or challenge her to a makeup swap.

And here’s the really clever bit: Get the Look decodes your BFF’s makeup look, and suggests the Rimmel London products that will help you nail it off-camera, too. Save them to your wishlist for later or click to buy them through the app, then you and your friend can be lipstick twins when a shade match is delivered straight to your door.

It works with celebrities and bloggers, too. If you’re coveting the makeup of a famous face, simply take a snap of their look in a magazine or on the web and steal their look.

Want in? Rimmel London’s Get the Look app is free and available to download now. Get it on iOS or Android and start swapping looks with friends right now!