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Step-by-step: SPF-perfect summer beauty made easy

The secret to staying beautiful is finding ways to protect your skin without that greasy-face feeling. You might be using SPF-fortified moisturiser to help keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays - but there are even smarter ways to safeguard you from the sun. Luckily, Rimmel London has your skin safety at the top of their priority list.  

These are the SPF-charged beauty products to help shield you from those dangerous rays so you can get back to your summer adventure – when the rain stops.

Prime Protection

SPF-perfect summer beauty made easy

A built-in SPF25 UV shield makes this primer a makeup-setting must-have. This wonder product will keep your favourite summer foundation locked in place, come rain or shine – plus, it works over time to improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

Rimmel London Fix & Protect primer, £6.99

Flawless Face

SPF-perfect summer beauty made easy

Create a face that’s smooth, poreless and flaw-free with a foundation that’s fortified with built -in SPF15 protection. The addition of radiance pearls to the formula helps to illuminate your skin for that lit-from-within look - all while giving you 100% coverage to ensure that your skin never looks tired. How’s that for smart beauty?

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Make Up Foundation SPF 15, £8.99

Glow the right way

SPF-perfect summer beauty made easy

We go crazy for bronzer during the summer months – and this one is flexible enough to be used all over. Sweep colour along your temples, hairline, nose and chin. Don’t forget to dust your shoulders and collarbone, too. You’ll be protected from the sun by this glowy essential’s built-in SPF15. Plus, it’s waterproof!

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer, £5.99

Pretty and protected. That’s you! Read how to ace your face this summer with easy DIY foundation techniques.