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The deadly sins of lipstick

Lipstick - it’s the ultimate weapon in every make-up bag, and as such, its deployment can spark controversy. Insurrection. Rebellion. 

To keep your lipstick game tight, do your best to avoid the deadly sins of lipstick. It won’t be easy. The perfect lipstick brings out both the best and the worst in all of us.

Avarice: Thou shalt not crave every lipstick in the world

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Lipstick is addictive. Lipstick is dangerous. Remember: owning 9 lipsticks in the same colour will not bring you happiness, only an over-full make-up bag. Owning 15 lipsticks in different perfect colours, however? Ideal. Perfection.

Envy: Thou shalt not covet the lipsticks of others 

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We’ve all been there: heading off for a night out with your make-up game on point, when SUDDENLY! You spot your bestie sporting a pout to kill for.

Let her rock the red, while you pout in plum. You’re both beautiful.

Sloth: Thou shalt not forget to try different shades

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Do you think you only suit one shade of lipstick?

Chances are that’s not true, and there’s more than one hue for you – and with 15 different shades of The Only 1 Lipstick available for you to try, we bet you’ll find a couple more that suit you. If you normally favour a red, give Call Me Crazy (#104) a try – you’ll probably love the orange look!

Gluttony: Thou shalt not apply your lipstick so vigorously that it ends up in your mouth

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Lipstick on the teeth. There is no greater sin. Keep your lips in line.

Lust: Thou shalt not succumb to others

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With lipstick like yours it’s not a surprise that others might lust after you – but you don’t need to give in. You and your lipstick are the perfect team.

With these errors avoided, you’ll be safe in the security of your sinless lips. But don’t worry if you slip – nobody’s perfect. 

And for your perfect product? Look no further than Rimmel London’s The Only 1 Lipstick. Don’t forget to share your snaps of your flawless lips using the hashtag #ALipstickRevolution.