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The one product that will change your brow game

Eyebrows are a big deal. Not just because we’re in the middle of an eyebrow craze, but because they frame your face and have the power to transform your look.

A well-groomed pair of brows makes you look more put together and subtly changes the appearance of your bone structure. Try to imagine your face without your eyebrows, and you’ll see what we mean.

There are loads of products out there to help you fill in your brows to define and shape them, but the latest must-have in your brow kit is, well, something a little different. You don’t actually use it on your brows, but by applying just beneath them, you’ll give your arches an instant lift that changes everything. Really.

Say hello to Rimmel’s newest addition to the Brow This Way family  - the Brow Highlighting Pencil, £4.99.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably a strobing fan already, and the precision tip on the Brow Highlighting Pencil makes it perfect for adding glow to smaller areas. Plus, it has a rose-gold shimmer that’s super-flattering on all skin tones. So how do you make the most of your pencil? It’s really simple:

1.     Start by giving your brows some love and attention.

The one product that will change your brow game

Fill them in with small, soft strokes using the angled brush and powder in Rimmel’s Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit, £3.99, then brush and fix into place with Brow This Way Brow Gel in Clear, £3.99.

2.     Apply the Brow Highlighter Pencil under each arch.

The one product that will change your brow game

Swipe the highlighter out towards the tail of your eyebrow and blend well with your finger. This will light and define your arch, making your eyebrows look more precise and your face more awake.

3.     Next, dab a little highlighter above the outer edge of your arch.

Apply the product towards the end of the upper edge of your brow, and blend. Go easy with the pencil here - you’re going for a subtle touch of light.

4.     Add the final touches

The one product that will change your brow game

Dab highlighter on your cupid’s bow, the inner corners of your eyes, and anywhere else you want the light to catch. Blend well to give your face a gentle, luminous look.

The one product that will change your brow game

Just a little dab of highlighter can make a big difference to your face - and once you’ve started using it you’ll wonder how you ever coped before…