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The ultimate guide to locking your lip look down

What if we told you that a few simple tricks could make your lipstick last a whole lot longer? And we’re talking really simple here; as in, minutes of application that lead to hours of flawless wear.   

Well, it’s possible. All you need is a flannel, a lip balm, a translucent powder, and a lip liner, and you’re on your way to the drink, chat and life-defying lip of dreams. Want in? Of course you do, so here are the steps you need to follow…

1. First, exfoliate with a flannel

You don’t need a fancy face scrub for this. Instead, take a warm, slightly damp flannel and buff it into your lips to remove dead skin cells and any flakiness. Top with a lip balm like Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate, £5.49, and gently blot with a tissue.

2. Line and fill with a pencil

The ultimate guide to locking your lip look down

Your lip liner is the best lip primer you own, as it gives your lipstick something to hold onto. Simply line the edges of your lips, and then fill them in. If you can, use a shade that’s a close match for the lipstick you’re going to wear and etch it on. We like Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner, £2.99, and Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner, £3.99.

3. Trace your lips with a concealer

Create a kind of ‘barrier’ by tracing concealer around the edge of your lips. This will give you a really clean, crisp finish, while preventing the colour from bleeding.

4. Apply and blot

The ultimate guide to locking your lip look down

This is where you apply your first layer of lipstick - and you get bonus points for using a long-wear formula, like Lasting Finish Lipstick. Kate Moss has just launched a 15th anniversary collection of shades, £6.49 each, including three pretty, ultra-wearable nudes and three stunning reds. Once you’ve slicked on your colour, gently blot it with a tissue.

5. Top with translucent powder

Next, hold that sheet of tissue paper over the top of your lips, and dust translucent powder over the top of that to seal the colour.

6. Finish with a final layer

The ultimate guide to locking your lip look down

Now, apply your final layer of lipstick and make this your last step. You’ve got it – a lip that will last and last (and last!) thanks to a few clever tricks. 

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