Model showing how to do a cut crease eye look

How to Slay That Killer Cut Crease

For eyeshadow that slays, a cut crease look is the only way to go. It makes your eyes appear bigger, looks next-level fierce, and racks up all the ‘likes’ on Instagram. Ready to work the trend? Keep scrolling for the full cut crease look lowdown, from the palettes you need to try, to the concealer trick that’ll instantly make your crease pop…

What is a Cut Crease?

The clue’s in the name. A cut crease is all about defining the eye socket, making your crease seriously stand out by framing lids with a solid line of bold colour. While a smokey eye sees shadows blended together in one glam gradient, the cut crease requires zero blending. Get your lines sharp, crisp and defined to nail this trend.

The Best Cut Crease Palettes

Eyeshadow palettes are your best pick for a cut crease, as they hold shades in the same colour family. This means your lid and crease hues will look beyond lit when they’re paired together. Try Magnif’Eyes Eyeshadow Palette for colours that complement one another, choosing from Nude Edition (top) for sultry browns and taupes, Crimson Edition (middle) for burgundies or pinks, and Spice Edition (bottom) if sizzling coppers and oranges are your vibe.
Palette in Nude Edition, Crimson Edition and Spice Edition
Model showing how to do a cut crease eye look

How to Do a Cut Crease

Step 1: Cut the Crease

Start by shading the crease with a deep, matte or shimmer hue from your eyeshadow palette. Use a firm shadow brush for flawless definition and glide it from the inner to the outer corner of your crease. To make eyes appear bigger, sketch the line so it hovers just above the socket, creating a lifted effect.

Step 2: Conceal the Lid

Apply a light concealer across the lid to define the edges of the shadow. We love Match Perfection Concealer, which has a brush applicator for easy precision. Dot and blend from the lash line to the socket, making sure cover-up ends in a sharp line where your crease shadow begins.

Step 3: Complete the Look

Make your look slay by blending a pale shadow over the top of the concealer on your lids. Choose from a shimmer or a matte, depending on the vibe you’re going for. And that’s your killer cut crease done. How easy was that?

Turn Up Your Look

Add some drama and take your cut crease higher with these makeup tricks…
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