16th Oct 2019

This Halloween Pop Art Makeup Look is Poppin’

If you want to get your Halloween look poppin’, pop art makeup is the way to go. It’s bold, it’s bright, and it looks like you’ve made an effort – even though it’s really easy to do. Want in? Grab your Glam-oween kit and follow the seven steps below. You’ll be working the coolest, craziest pops of colour in no time…

Step 1

Perfect your base. You don’t want shine to melt your Lichtenstein look away, so go for a matte canvas using Lasting Matte Foundation and Lasting Matte Concealer.

Add some subtle contouring, too. Glide the deepest shade from the Kate Sculpting Palette in Golden Bronze just beneath your cheekbones, then dust Maxi Blush in Wild Card over the apples of cheeks.

Step 2

Define those eyebrows. Get your arches looking flawless with Brow This Way Sculpting Kit, starting with a sweep of the wax to shape, and a few strokes of the powder for fullness. Use the accompanying brow brush to apply the filling powder, applying in short, sharp lines for a natural-looking effect.

Step 3

Create a colour pop smokey eye using Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition Palette. Start by sweeping the first rust red hue over the entire eyelid, from lash line to crease.

Next, apply the darkest shade on the outer edge of the crease, and press the second shade on the inner corners of eyes.

Finish with Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in Black along the upper lash line, etched from the inner to outer corners of eyes.

Step 4

It’s your Halloween party and you’ll cry if you want to. Add those famous pop art makeup tears by gliding Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Aqua Sparkle in a thick line beneath each eye. Use the same eyeliner to draw a tear that spills from your right eye, then add another tear shape just below it.

Next, grab Wonder’Proof Eyeliner in Pure Blue and etch it in the inner and outer corners of the lower lash line, and along the outer edge of each tear.

On the outside of the Pure Blue lines, apply Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in Black for a 3D effect. Use the same black eyeliner to frame the bolt of Aqua Sparkle liner below both eyes.

Finish your tears with Colour Precise Eyeliner in White, applied in a small ‘C’ shape.

Step 5

Time to get arty. Use the back of your hand as a makeup palette, and paint on plenty of Colour Precise Eyeliner in White until you have a small pool of pigment.

Then, press the lid of the liner pen into this pool of liner and ‘stamp’ it onto your left cheekbone. Continue until you have a pattern that covers your left cheek and temple.

Fill each circle with the white liner, except one circle on the centre of the cheek. This should be filled with Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Fire Starter.

Step 6

Use Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in Black to create two small, vertical lines above the inner corner of your left eyebrow, then draw another, longer, vertical line down the right side of your nose.

With same pen, frame the left edge of your hairline, tracing underneath the cheekbone and along the jawline. Complete with an upside down ‘C’ on the centre of your chin.

Step 7

Let your lips do the talking with a pop art pout. Apply Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Fire Starter; a velvety hue that’s packed with pigment for bold, unstoppable colour.

Line the outer edge of lips with Exaggerate Eye Liner in Black, then apply small accents of Colour Precise Eyeliner in White on the right side of top and bottom lips.

And that’s your pop art makeup look, sorted. For more fright night inspiration, check out this cat makeup tutorial or creep it real with clown makeup.