The Best Volume Mascara for Next-Level Lashes

We’ve told you how you can get longer eyelashes. Next up? We’re talking major volume that’s bold, clump-free and ultra-buildable. The search for the best volumising mascara might seem like a never-ending struggle, but we’ve just launched a new one that ticks off all of your #lashgoals - anytime, anywhere. Introducing, Scandaleyes Volume On Demand. It’s a super-customisable mascara that puts the control in your hands, allowing you to add extra, clump-free volume, even on dried lashes. Start your day with one glossy coat and layer it up throughout the day. Going out? Got a date? Looking for a little extra drama? Just sweep it on and build it up. Want to take it to the next level? Team up Scandaleyes Volume On Demand in Black or Brown with five lash-plumping tricks for your best volumising mascara routine ever...

1. Apply an Eyelash Primer

Real talk: an eyelash primer is the most underrated product in your makeup bag, but it works miracles on lashes, giving them a boost of volume before mascara. Curl lashes, then sweep the Ultimate Boost Volume Primer from root to tip, ensuring you coat even the teeniest strands at the inner corner of your eye. It goes on white so you can see exactly where you’ve applied it, and creates the most feathery, fluttery effect. Plus, a blend of argan, coconut and jojoba oils conditions lashes over time.

2. Coat Lower Lashes

If you’re skipping your lower eyelashes, you’re doing mascara all wrong. Coating the bottom lashes is seriously striking and makes you look more awake when you’ve skipped those eight hours. To apply, hold the brush at the base, then swipe it through diagonally, so it teases the lashes outwards (not towards your nose). This makes them look ultra-fluttery.

3. Blink and Brush

Want to know how to apply mascara for volume? The best way is to hold the brush right at the root, then blink as you wiggle it through to the tips. The motion helps to really push the glossy formula onto your lashes, ensuring full, even coverage and insane volume. Bonus: combining this hack with Scandaleyes Volume On Demand means you won’t get any clumps as you blink and brush.

4. Tightline Your Lashes

Tightlining is the best kept secret in beauty. It involves using a liquid eyeliner to fill the gaps between your lashes, so the lash line looks noticeably fuller. It’s called ‘tightlining’ because the liner should be skinny and tight to the root of eyelashes, which is where Wonder’Ink Ultimate Liner steps in. The highly pigmented, precise felt tip pen makes every stroke a breeze, delivering the blackest black colour you can wear alone or on top of a shadow.

5. Build it Up

Layer up the volume. When you’re ready to dial up the volume, sweep on a second, third or fourth coat of Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Mascara to keep building drama. Even on dry lashes, you can keep adding glossy, clump-free coats to take you from day to night.

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