Let’s talk about dry skin. It’s one of the most common beauty dramas we deal with, and it affects everything, from how our face feels to the way our makeup goes on. Both dilemmas can be solved by finding the best foundation for dry skin (Match Perfection… just sayin’), but how do you apply it for the most flawless look? We’ve got your full base routine sorted…

1. Start with Skincare

Every ‘grammable makeup look begins with good skincare, so adopt a hydrating regimen of once-weekly scrubbing, twice-daily cream-cleansing and regular moisturising. Think, at least twice a day.

In the morning, a gel moisturiser will hydrate parched pores without disturbing your base, while a spritz of Insta Fix & Go Setting Spray will give dry skin an instant refresh. This multi-tasking mist also works as a look-locking makeup primer, which you spray on before and after foundation to give it some serious staying power.

2. Perfect with Primer

If you prefer a lightweight liquid primer over a priming facial mist, look for one that swaps mattifying silicones for a dewy, gel-like texture.

Radiance Primer ticks all the boxes. Because dry skin tends to lack luminosity, the glow-boosting formula is a major pro that leaves you looking positively radiant. Apply to the centre of the face and blend outwards, ensuring you smooth a little extra over cheeks for a glow-up. Then, use tips of fingers to tap, tap, tap your skin, which will boost circulation for a healthy flush.

3. Get Flawless with Foundation

You’ve nailed your skincare, applied your primer, and now it’s time to blend on a foundation for dry skin. Our go-to pick is Lasting Radiance Foundation.

First up, this base boasts radiance pearls, which instantly illuminate parched pores and bounce light away from fine lines (these are common when your complexion is on the drier side). It also keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours and uses Urban Shield Tecnhology to ward off daily aggressors. Drying, damaging pollution, we’re looking at you…

For a natural-looking finish, dot your base onto the centre of your face first, then use a damp brush or sponge to blend it outwards. You can dampen your tools with Insta Fix & Go Setting Spray for longer-lasting flawlessness.

4. Complete with Concealer

For extra coverage, glide Lasting Radiance Concealer over your skin. When paired with the foundation, you’ve got a pore-perfecting dream team that gives you an airbrushed finish.

Focus this sweep-on liquid concealer underneath eyes by applying it in an upside-down triangle, with the base hugging your lash line and the tip touching the centre of your cheek. Use your ring finger to tap and blend, as it’s the weakest of your fingers, meaning it will offer the gentlest touch around the delicate eye area.

5. Take it Higher with Highlighter

While face powder is a no-no if you have a dry complexion, using a highlighter instantly takes your base to the next, radiant level. Try a jelly formula for a hyper-real highlight that gets skin looking lit. We love Jelly Highlighter, which comes in three shades: holographic Shifty Shimmer, rose gold Candy Queen and gold Poppin’ Bottles.

Tap your shade just over the tops of cheekbones and the brow bone for some seriously subtle strobing or add it to the centre of your chin and the bridge of your nose to get that glow. If you want an ‘I drink two litres of water and get eight hours of sleep every night’ effect, blending a little on the inner corners of eyes will tie your look together. And, you’re done!

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