How to do Ombre Lips in 2 Minutes

Ombre lips are more than a trend. If you want your pout to appear fuller, getting that gradient lip look on-point is one of the quickest, easiest ways ever. Forget rubbing peppers over your lips (because people actually do that) and follow this pout-plumping guide instead. Here’s everything you need to know about applying an ombre lip…

1. Put in the Ombre Lip Prep

Fact: ombre lips are best applied to a smooth, hydrated canvas, so get yours soft and supple by gently buffing lips with a grainy lip scrub. Swipe the scrub off before applying a generous layer of lip balm as a 10-minute mask. Then, blot the balm away to reveal the base for your gradient look.

2. Line for Ombre Lips

You want an ombre lip look to last, so lip liner is your BFF. Choose a lip pencil, like Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner, in a shade that closely matches the lipstick you’ll be applying over the top. Once you’ve picked your hue, trace it around the edge of the lip line, then fill top and bottom lips. This will act as a primer for lip art, helping it stay flawless from day to night.

3. Choose Your Lipstick Shades

Let’s talk texture first. Matte lipstick is the best pick for an ombre lip, as satin or gloss lipsticks tend to blend together – not the dream for a two-tone look. Pick up Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in two velvety hues – one deep and one light – ensuring the tones complement each other, creating a seamless gradient. Want some colour inspo? Think chocolate brown with a softer nude or deep burgundy against a poppin’ crimson.

4. Start with the Darkest Lipstick

Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour is perfect for ombre lips. The wand applicator gives you ultra-precision, and the kiss-proof, touch-proof, waterproof formula means it will. not. budge. Apply your darkest shade first, using the tip of the wand to trace the edge of the lip line, then lightly blend pigment inwards with fingertips or a clean, dry cotton bud.

5. Go Light in the Middle

Once your darkest shade has dried, apply the lighter shade to the centre of your lips. Then, use the tip of your finger to blend the liquid lipstick slightly outwards – but not all the way to the edge of lips – so it just overlaps with your darker lipstick. And… you’re done.

More Ombre Lip Tricks

Ready to take your ombre lip look to the next level? Try these tricks for gradient pout perfection…

Highlight the cupid’s bow. It’s a hack that makes your lips appear instantly fuller, so teaming it with ombre lips is going to give you a seriously plumped-up look. Simply take your favourite Insta Strobing, and tap it over the arch of the cupid’s bow, making sure you blend the edges. Selfie-ready makeup look on lockdown.

Pair with matte foundation. If you want to go for the full Insta-glam beauty look, apply a full coverage, velvety base that completes the vampy vibe of ombre lips. Lasting Matte Foundation is our ride-or-die, with a mousse formula that feels beyond lightweight, so you get a perfected finish that’s comfortable on skin.

Add a touch of gloss. Give ombre lip art a glow-up by tapping lip gloss on the very centre of lips. Try Oh My Gloss! Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear for flatters-everyone shine that gives you a moisture boost. You don’t want to use too much – just a dot that gets lips looking luminous.

Looking for more lip tricks? Discover our guide to finding your perfect red lipstick or keep it chic in your dreamiest nude lipstick. Pout perfection.