How To Get Arched Eyebrows On-Point

When we say we want perfect brows, what we really mean is we want flawlessly arched eyebrows. The kind that lift your entire face, making you look like you might actually get eight hours of sleep. That’s the power of strong brow game, but how do you achieve your most flattering shape? Keep scrolling for your ultimate eyebrow-arching 101…

1. Measure Your Brows

Before you get your arches on point, you need to measure the shape. This means figuring out where the beginning, tip and highest point of the arch should be. Use a brow pencil, like Brow Pro Microdefiner Pencil, to help you, first brushing with the spoolie end to sweep your eyebrows into their natural shape.

Mapping the beginning: Hold an eyeshadow brush vertically from the dimple of your nose (over your nostril), so it crosses through your brows, indicating where your perfect eyebrows should begin. Then, use the pencil tip to mark where the brush and brow meet.

Mapping the end: Pivot the makeup brush so it leans against the outer edge of your nostril, reaching up to the outer corner of your eye and beyond. Where this diagonal line meets your eyebrows, add a little dot with your eyebrow pencil. This is where the tip of the brow should be.

Mapping the arch: Your brows should peak in line with the outer side of your iris. Again, use your makeup brush to measure out the spot, then dot with your pencil to mark that arched brow.

Top tip: Don’t forget to remove the guide lines with a gentle makeup remover when you’ve completed your arched eyebrow look.

2. Tweeze Under the Arch

Now all your dots are in place, lightly tweeze your brows to enhance the shape. You only want to tweeze from underneath your brows, and you don’t want to overpluck. Simply target any strays that sit below the arch area, and any unruly strands that sit outside your ‘beginning’ and ‘tip’ markings. Don’t go too deep into the arch, though; you don’t want to look permanently shocked. Just aim for a gentle lift to get the most flawless finish.

Top tip: Does plucking your eyebrows sting? Try doing it after a hot shower, as the warmth and steam will loosen up the strands, making it easier to tidy up your arches. You can also soothe plucked brows with an ice cube if your skin is prone to swelling and redness.

3. Fill Sparse Arches

If your arches are looking sparse, reach for Brow Pro Microdefiner Pencil to fill, using it to flick, flick, flick in some ultra-natural-looking definition. Start from the base of the arch and sweep the pencil up in the direction of the temples, opting for short, sharp strokes instead of a ‘drawing on’ technique. It’s this motion that will give you a soft, subtle arch instead of a heavy finish.

Top tip: If you’re a beginner with the brow pencil, choose one a shade lighter than your natural brows and apply with a light hand. You can always build the colour up.

4. Set in Place

You’ve got two options when setting your arches. If you’re already happy with the depth and shade, simply use the spoolie of your pencil again and mist it with Insta Fix & Go Setting Spray. Brush brows upwards, then across into their newly arched shape.

For extra fullness, use Wonder’Full Brow in a shade that closely matches your brows, and sweep it through from start to tip, adding more volume through the arch.

Top tip: Want extra staying power? Once you’ve completed your makeup look, close your eyes and finish with one extra spritz of setting spray.

5. Complete with Concealer

Use a concealer, like Match Perfection Concealer, to enhance your arched brows even more. The brush tip allows you to glide it right under the arch, creating a lifted effect. And… you’re done.

Top tip: For a super-sharp brow finish, trace the upper edge of your brow, too. Slay those arches.

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