*This* Is the Ultimate Matte Foundation Routine

Calling all matte foundation fans: we’ve found the answer to creating a velvety, soft-focus finish, inspired by your favourite filter on Instagram. It’s a routine that uses holy grail formulas and pro hacks to stop a bad skin day in its tracks – no drama necessary. Sound good? Here’s everything you need to know about stepping up your base with a matte foundation routine that works overtime. So long, shine.

1. Prep It Real Good

We’re all about skincare as the first step in any makeup routine, especially when getting your foundation on-point. Start with a lightweight, hydrating moisturiser to give skin the drink it deserves. If your skin is extra thirsty, find one that contains hyaluronic acid to get its bounce back. Your foundation will thank you by gliding on easily and evenly to skin - no dry patches, uneven tone or open pores in sight. Prep work, done.

2. Grip, Don’t Slip

For those in the know, primer is life. Especially when it comes to giving grip and a long-lasting finish to foundation for oily skin types.

The ideal all-rounder to stop the shine is Lasting Matte Primer, featuring a skin-mattifying, silky smooth formula that lasts up to nine hours without stripping the skin – essential for keeping sebum production (and that midday shine) under control.

If your skin is giving you all the problems, and you’re looking to cool down redness or brighten up dullness as well as keeping shine under control, try multi-priming your skin to target different areas of concern like a pro. Start by applying Lasting Matte Primer onto the t-zone to control typically oily areas. Then, smooth Insta CC Primer in Green onto areas of redness, like around the nose, or tap on Lavender to brighten dark under-eye circles and pigmentation. Make your primer work.

3. Make It Matte

Time for the main event: your matte foundation. Lasting Matte Foundation is your new go-to, featuring a full coverage, matte formula that holds back the shine for up to 12 hours. It’s also lightweight and never cakey, creating the most seamless, natural-looking finish.

To nail your application, dot a small amount of Lasting Matte Foundation onto the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Then, instead of applying with a foundation brush, try using a lightly damp sponge to tap the velvety formula over skin. This allows the foundation to glide over pores and imperfections like a boss. Remember to blend around the hairline, underneath the jawline and down onto your neck for the most natural-looking finish.

4. That Filtered Finish

Now you’ve perfected your base, it’s time for those final touches to get skin looking completely flawless. If you’re suffering from any breakouts, make blemishes disappear by gliding Lasting Matte Concealer directly onto imperfections and tapping with fingertips to blend. This warms up the formula and makes it easier to smooth over stubborn spots. The super-lightweight, creamy cover-up is moisturising, feels comfortable on skin, and it lasts up to 12 hours, controlling shine and minimising pores in the process. Dot and blend wherever needed to achieve your ultimate base goals.

To maintain that matte finish all. damn. day. you need to add a finishing powder to your kit. Once you’ve finished your foundation routine, set it all in place with Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Rather than buffing all over the skin, swirl a fluffy brush into powder and tap off excess – you don’t want a cakey look – then lightly tap onto the t-zone. This will set your base without disturbing the matte foundation formula beneath. The result? Beyond flawless. Don’t forget to add it to your bag for on-the-go touch-ups, too.

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