4 razones para adoptar el contouring

You just can’t miss the craze for contouring – everyone’s doing it, from the girl on the bus, to the star on the catwalk. And whether you’re confident with a brush, or new to sculpting, we’re here to ensure that you’ve got all the fail-safe tips and tricks you need for a perfected look. 1. IT MAKES YOU LOOK SUN-KISSED Contouring does so much more than make your features pop. With the right sculpting shades, the blend of warming tones and soft-focus highlighters can make your skin look sun-kissed, too. To get that look use a large, fluffy brush to sweep the sculpting powder from your palette where the sun would naturally hit. Buff the colour beneath your cheekbones, along your hairline and across the bridge of your nose for a tawny glow that helps to define your natural features. 2. IT GOES WITH EVERY BEAUTY LOOK

Whether you’re rocking a bold red lipstick or a slick of electric blue eyeliner. Because contouring makes your skin look polished and adds a little welcome warmth, it upgrades all your favourite makeup trends.

For an effortless summer look, top off your sculpted features by etching Colour Precise Eyeliner in Blue, £5.99, along the upper lash line. Prepare to be wowed by the pigment on this.


Strobing, tan-touring, non-touring... there are endless sculpting trends to try. And because they just keep evolving, there’s a style for every makeup look.

That also means there are now even speedier ways to make your features pop. Strobing is the one to go for if you’re really low on time, as it just takes a few dabs of a highlighter (try Good to Glow Highlighter, £4.99) to get the look. Click here to learn how.


You can pretty much paint by numbers with a face chart like this one. Simply take a sculpting kit (we love the Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99) and use the map above as your guide.

Darkest Spots: Apply the darker sculpting powder here to shade your contours.

Pink Spots: This is where the pink blusher in the palette goes. Swirl it on with a fluffy brush for a healthy flush.

Lightest Spots: Highlighter goes here. By placing it on the high points of your face (like the below your brows and the tops of cheekbones), you help to push those features forward.

Now you’re sold on contouring, discover what it takes to become a sculpting addict. Here are the five signs that your obsession has gone to the next level.