6 thoughts we’ve all had when doing our brows

Even if your morning makeup routine takes less than five minutes from primer to lipstick, we’re willing to bet you slow down and focus when you’re doing your brows. Whether you’re a pencil girl or a gel aficionado, there’s a certain artistry that goes into sharpening your arch – and there are a few things that will always run through your mind.

1. “Maybe I should try a different shape today?”

There are so many brow trends to play with in 2016 – the brushed up boyish brow we’re seeing on the red carpets, the flattened-out straight brow that ruled the runway. But take it from us: 7am on a Monday morning is not the time to experiment. Wait until the weekend, when you’ve got clean brushes and a clear schedule, and then go wild. You can bulk up those brows to your heart’s content – we recommend using Rimmel London’sBrow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit, £3.99, a powder and wax duo that can help you achieve any look you like.

2. “Why do they look so different from each other?”

We’ve all heard the saying that your eyebrows should look like sisters, not twins – alike, but not identical. Still, on some days we can’t help but notice how very arched one is, and how unusually thick the other has become. Shouldn’t they grow at the same rate? Didn’t they look the same yesterday?

3. “Are they really worth all this effort?”

We have to admit it – there are days when pencilling in individual hairs seems like it belongs in the too-hard basket, and we’re tempted to grow a thick fringe and ignore them altogether. But then we remember – eyebrows frame the face, and lock down your look, and besides, we love them.

4. “Where did this MONOBROW come from?!”

We’re not sure it’s scientifically possible for the hair between our brows to grow so much faster than the hair on our heads. Yet, no matter how closely we stick to our waxing/threading/plucking schedule, there always seem to be a few errant hairs popping up and ruining the otherwise perfect symmetry of our brow game. Don’t worry, you’re not alone on this – but if you’re feeling self-conscious, get busy with Rimmel’s Brow Highlighter Pencil, £4.99, which will draw attention to the arches of your brows instead.

5. “Do my eyebrows make me look angry?”

This goes through our head every time we pencil in a sharper arch. Still, an angled brow is a powerful brow – and as long as it’s paired with a perfect red-lipped smile, your look will be bold AND beautiful.

6. “Maybe I’ll skip doing my brows this morning.”

Just kidding. You never think that.