7 contouring life hacks... because it doesn't have to be that difficult EN

There was a moment back then when contouring looked like a fad that would pass in the night, but that moment is gone: contouring is the new Photoshop. And that means that it's time to learn those tricks to make sure you stand out from your squad. Highlighting and contouring have been used by make-up artists forever, but it's only recently that it became part of our everyday routine. Here's the thing, though: it's definitely not as hard as it looks, and it definitely doesn't need to take half an hour. With these few basic hacks, you'll soon be contouring like a pro. 1: Get the tools

So use the ice-cream trick, with highlighter at the highest point of your cheekbone, a stripe of blush beneath it, and some contour on the underside of the bone. Then blend, blend, blend, like you're mashing the ice-cream in a bowl. But you'll still get a great contoured effect, in just a couple of minutes.

5. Contouring has other uses

Obviously, you can contour to add shape. BUT you can also use the same techniques to minimise a feature you don't like, as well as using them to accentuate.

Another sweet tip is to use the letter E to contour and the letter C to highlight. Just picture using your brush to sweep an E down from your forehead, in to your cheekbone, and back out around your jaw.

Then fill in the gaps with highlighter in the shape of a C, over the top of the eyebrow and down under the eye socket. Easy (and also kind of counts as homework...)

7. It's not just for your face

Depending on what you're wearing, your neckline is just as a good a place to use your contouring skills, particularly with highlighter. Sweep a brush along your collar bone, and dip a little shadow into the hollows of your neck. Nicole Ritchie, there you are.

As with all make-up trends, the base is the most important thing - so make sure you've got the foundation you need to build everything else on. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation is easy to apply, easy to keep in your purse, and has the right shade for you - it's the only thing you'll need.