8th Sep 2015

A Flawless Face: How to work the #NoFilter look

Nowadays, the filter you use on your photos is as important as the make-up you put on your face. But the real Rimmel girl knows that how you look for real is way more important than your on-camera clout. So here's how to achieve filtered perfection on your face, without your old friends Valencia and Mayfair... Don't hide from the light

Don't hide from the light

Applying your make-up in dim light is the worst thing you can do - everyone looks the same in the dark. Get into the harshest light you can find, preferably natural, and don't be afraid: if you can make yourself look good under fluorescent lights, you know you'll look good anywhere.

Don't forget to prime

Some people might skip primer, but without it you risk letting minor blemishes emerge. Apply it sparingly across the cheeks and forehead and make sure you allow it to settle.

Choose the right foundation

Let's face it - if you pick the wrong base, it won't matter how flawlessly you apply it. Opt for Match Perfection to make sure you get it right - the wide range of hues means your perfect match is easy to find.

Apply your foundation with a brush

Fingers do the trick for a quick job - but if you're looking for completely even coverage, you're going to need the help of a base brush. Use the back of your hand as a palette and apply the foundation from the centre of your face in small downward strokes. This'll make sure the places which need the most coverage (nose, eyes, chin) get the most product.

Use a sponge to diffuse your base

A clean damp sponge around the nose and under the eyes makes sure extra product doesn't build up to form a caked-on look later on in the night.

Hide imperfections with the right concealer

Dark circles, redness, spots - you're going to want to zero in on them with plenty of the right concealer, blended carefully with your fingertips. Get under the brightest light you can find (get someone to hold a torch for you if necessary) and be picky - if you can see it, the camera can.

Distract with highlighter

The camera loves light and reflection - so apply highlighter liberally to the cheekbones and the top of your lip to draw the lens and catch any light. You'll look out of this world - and you'll be good to glow!

Don't be afraid of powder

Some people avoid powder, thinking it causes a chalky finish - but if you get the right, luminescent powder, and dust it on with a fluffy brush, it'll set your make-up perfectly.

Short on the products you need to put your best face forward? Rimmel has you covered, from base to concealer to powder to highlighter.