Fake It: How To Get The Look Of False Eyelashes - Without Having To Buy Them

A pair of false eyelashes can make you feel on top of the world. They upgrade your eye makeup, make your eyes look bigger, and frame your eyes flawlessly – but they’re not so fun to apply. So, for those of you who don’t want to spend 27 minutes of your precious time fiddling with falsies, Rimmel London has got you covered with 4 ways to fake the effects. Seriously – you’ll never have to use false eyelashes again! 1. Find a fab mascara

Falsies might give you a gorgeous curl, but you can get the same effect with the right mascara – and we know one that lets you ditch the eyelash curler, too. Rimmel Supercurler 24Hr Mascara in Extreme Black shapes strands into a 90 degree curve that holds in place, thanks to a super-curling polymer. This flutter will stay flawless for up to 24 hours.

2. Double up your coats

Why stop at one coat of mascara? A second layer will instantly intensify your lashes in the same way some glossy, black falsies tend to do. The colour will be bolder and your lashes will look more defined. Just make sure the first coat is dry before you sweep the brush through a second time.

3. Opt for Extreme Black

Have you ever noticed that the best false lashes are super black and glossy? Channel the look by taking a black mascara to the next level. Rimmel Supercurler 24Hr Mascara in Extreme Black does exactly what the name promises – delivering dramatic pigment that makes each and every lash stand out.

4. Work in three directions

A curved mascara brush is great at grabbing those little strands in the corners of eyes, but did you know it boosts the angle of your lashes, too? To get the look, hold the brush above the upper lashes first and coat the top of them, slowly rolling the brush as you sweep from root to tip.

Next, do the traditional application – applying mascara from below the upper lashes, starting at the base and wiggling all the way to the ends. Finally, hold the wand vertically and push the brush upwards into your lashes to give falsie-like volume and gently separate the strands.


And there you have it – four easy steps to gift your natural lashes with the curl and thickness of a pair of falsies. You’ll never go back…