11th Sep 2015

Foundation Goes First: Finally, the answer to the concealer debate...

Fans of flawless skin will have a number of tools in their arsenal to keep that #NoFilter glow lasting all evening - but any make-up maven knows that a perfect finish lies in the application, just as much as the products themselves.

And for years, a debate has raged among women the world over - which goes first, foundation or concealer?

We reckon we've finally got the answer for you: foundation goes first. FGF. And if you need convincing, here's why that's true...

If you apply concealer first, you risk rubbing it off

Unless you have hours to spend perfecting your base, you're not going to be able to allow the concealer to dry perfectly on the skin - and even if you did, you might end up with a mess.

When you're in a hurry, then, you risk ruining all your hard work by removing your concealer as you try to put on foundation, whether you use a brush or your fingers.

Concealer's intended for specific areas which need more intense coverage, whereas foundation covers the whole face - so you can see why shifting your concealer with your foundation application would be far too easy to do.

You can see your imperfections better once you've applied your foundation

You're only going to want to use concealer on your dark circles and obvious blemishes - and if you start with concealer, you'll be tempted to think your whole face needs work and end up using too much. Not good.

Applying foundation first allows for even, buildable coverage while allowing you to see which areas need a little more TLC and coverage.

Body heat is your friend

Products change when they hit your skin - and concealer's no exception.

Applying it on the top of foundation, once the product has softened and blended, allows the two to meld - ensuring seamless, perfect coverage

You can clean up your mistakes

Concealer is your ultimate beauty tool, because it can hide any errors you've made. Applying concealer lets you deal with any eyeliner smudges or eyeshadow flaws with ease.

Now that you know how to use them, you're going to need the tools. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation will give you the clear base you need, while the Match Perfection Concealer is the perfect weapon against dark circles and blemishes.