Anyone can be a vlogger… anyone with a camera and an idea, that is. But while YouTube has opened the gates of vlogging opportunity wide to anyone, only a few faces have become truly successful. It takes something special. Something unique.

Do you really have what it takes to be a famous vlogger? Check out these 10 steps to vlogger fame…

10. Get vlog savvy

You can't expect to reach your first million subscribers without checking out your competition and learning what you can from them. Gather a list of the most successful and groundbreaking vloggers and follow their every move.

9. Get a great idea

While it's true that some vloggers are famous just for being themselves, most have a hook – a theme and a format, like hauls or reviews. Find something nobody else does, and latch on. Or put your own unique spin on a classic format…

8. Get some technical skills

You don't need a university degree in media or photography, but you're going to have to grasp the basics of how to frame a shot, and how to edit. Study your favourite YouTubers and figure out how they pace their videos for maximum impact.

Think about music. Think about thumbnail images (they’re your vlog’s shop window). Think about titles, your channel banner and your playlists (where your fans can see themed videos grouped together). It's all in the details.

7. Choose your space

Loads of vloggers choose their bedroom as their studio, but you might have an attic or a lounge that better reflects who you are. Clutter will distract from you, but anything too clean will look clinical. Make sure the background of your shot conveys exactly what you want people to think of you. Are you cool? Quirky? Confused? Figure it out, then get the props.

6. Think of a name

These days it's all about Search Engine Optimisation – so don't call your vlog Sarah Smith's Vlog, for example. Think of a cool, unusual and memorable name and make sure that it's not already taken. Then spread it – Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, everywhere. You need people to remember you.

5. Commit!

This is a big one, because - while it's easy to have a fabulous idea - it can be hard to keep up with it when viewing figures are growing slowly, you're tired and you've got other things to do. Set yourself a target – 2 videos a week, or 1000 subscribers – and aim for it. Then set your next target! Just don't stop.

4. Tell your friends

It's going to take a while before people all over the world start to recognise your beauty and genius (annoying, but true). So spread the word amongst your mates, and get them to follow you, suggest ideas, even appear in your videos! Then they'll tell their friends, and they'll tell their friends, and before you know it, you could be the next Zoella!

3. Remember that everyone has haters

Even the most popular vloggers have to deal with trolls - it's simply the nature of the internet. Just remember that trolls are cowards who couldn't possibly manage what you're setting out to achieve, and don't let the odd negative comment get you down.

2. Start an account

Get onto YouTube, reserve your name and start to build your account. Remember, the people who you follow are way more likely to notice and follow you, so get engaged in the community. Leave comments, suggestions and questions and make sure people understand that you're there to stay, and there to be noticed.

1. Just start

In the end there's no substitute for taking a deep breath and putting your first video out there. Go on. Jump!

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