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3 2 1: How to take the perfect selfie

You know that 80% of your selfie is your makeup, right? Sure, lighting helps, but being able to create the best beauty looks this side of the catwalk (or sidewalk!) is vital. And now it’s easier than ever thanks to Rimmel London's free Get The Look app: a brand new innovation in the beauty industry that lets you virtually try on your makeup before you buy.

It's official - the future of beauty is here.

Simply use the Create a Look option in the app to scroll through Rimmel’s range of products, and tap to see how they look on your face. See a lipstick or mascara you like? Add it to your wishlist, or click to buy and have them delivered straight to your door!

Alternatively, if you’ve seen a makeup look that you love on someone else – be that your best mate, a celebrity or a blogger – all you need to do is tap the app’s Steal the Look button, take a photo and voilà! The look is on now your face – and ready to buy from Rimmel. It’s like real magic.

Now your makeup game is sorted, here are other tips to take your selfies to the next level:

Find your light

How to take the perfect selfie

Nothing ruins a great selfie moment like bad lighting. Illuminate your face the right way and make sure that your makeup gets the right kind of exposure. Not too much, not too little – just the right amount to highlight what a great job you’ve done. Daylight is your best bet for beautiful selfies, so get outside in the sunshine and start snapping!

Add an angle

How to take the perfect selfie

Taking a pic from above your face with the camera angled down lets you look up and into the lens. It’s an iconic selfie pose that many a model swears by – even our own lovely Cara Delevingne. Alternatively, looking straight at the camera will show off your full face, and your makeup in all its glory. Own your look, however you shoot it.

Pick your expression

How to take the perfect selfie

We love a good pout as much as the next person but picking the right expression for your selfie will help you show off your personality and unique features. If you’ve got great eyes, try smizing (smiling with your eyes, darling). Bold brows? Go for a sarcastic smirk. Pretty cheekbones or darling dimples? Play with a sly grin or pull a funny face. Beauty is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Want to steal gorgeous beauty looks and try on makeup with your phone? Download Rimmel London’s Get The Look beauty app on iOS and Android right now. It's FREE!