13th Sep 2016

The Glam Rock Eyemakeup Tutorial

Using Color Precise liquid eyeliner, a bold eyemakeup look could be exactly what you need to step up your makeup game.

The Glam Rock Eyemakeup TutorialGET FLAWLESS SKIN

Start by applying the BB Cream Matte for a light coverage and a fresh dewy finish. The 9-in-1 skin perfecting BB Cream will minimize the appearance of pores and create a naturally flawless skin.

The Glam Rock Eyemakeup TutorialHIDE THOSE BLEMISHES

Cover up any dark circles and imperfections using Hide the Blemish concealer.

The Glam Rock Eyemakeup TutorialDRAW THE LINES

Apply Colour Precise liquid eyeliner in black on your top lid, following your lashline and extending out to create a bold flick. Using Colour Precise liquid eyeliner in white, trace under your lower lash line, starting half way across the eye, extending out underneath the black line.

The Glam Rock Eyemakeup TutorialLOAD YOUR LASHES

Load your lashes with Wonder'lash Volume Colourist mascara with Lash Tint Complex™. The formula with Lash Tint Complex™ gradually darkens bare lashes and gives instant jet-black impact. Reveal darker lashes with or without mascara.

The Glam Rock Eyemakeup TutorialDEFINE YOUR BROWS

Keep your brows sculpted and defined with Brow This Way sculpting kit in your natural shade. Use light feathery strokes for a natural yet defined look.

The Glam Rock Eyemakeup TutorialHIGHLIGHT YOUR BROW BONE

Highlight your brow bone and add luminosity with Brow This Way highlighter pencil from the arch, down and out. The shimmery shade will give you the extra WOW factor that will make all the difference.

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