Wonder'Ink Ultimate Liner

Get a liner that goes the distance with new Wonder'Ink Ultimate Liner; a felt tip pen that makes wings and flicks beyond easy. Its highly pigmented formula glides over lids - even on top of eyeshadow - and dries to an ultra-matte, jet black finish that's waterproof and smudge-proof. Once it's on, it's on... • Intensely pigmented liquid eyeliner with a high-impact, ultra-black, matte finish • Easy-to-apply, smudge-proof, waterproof formula • Super-sharp precision felt tip glides easily on top of eyeshadow • Long-wear liner that removes easily when you're ready to take it all off

How to apply

Step 1: Start by mapping out where you want to apply Wonder'Ink Ultimate Liner. Use the precision tip to make a dot in the centre of the lid, at the outer corner and in line with the outer edge of the eyebrow.
Step 2: Glide the felt tip over the lid, joining up the three dots and flicking out at the end to create a sharp wing.
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