Model showing fake tan routine with Rimmel SunShimmer

The Perfect Fake Tan Routine for a Holiday Glow

Beach, please. You don’t need a week’s holiday to get that perfect, post-holiday glow. If you’re all about radiant skin this summer, fake tan is your beauty BFF.

But between avoiding orange-tinted palms to applying a streak-free finish, we all know the journey to going believable bronze can be tricky. But it’s so worth it. We’ve got the perfect failsafe fake tan routine to achieve your best faux glow *ever*. For the ultimate summer glow-up, follow these steps to get bronzed like a BOSS.

Prep Like a Pro

Put down the self-tan bottle; let’s start with fake tan prep 101. The key to achieving that ‘I’ve-just-spent-a-week-in-Ibiza’ glow is all in the prep work. Here’s what you need to do before applying fake tan...

Step 1

Start by dry body brushing all over. Lightly sweep a soft-bristled brush upwards from your feet, moving up to your legs, stomach, back, chest and arms. The bristles will remove dead skin cells to leave a super-smooth surface and will boost your natural glow underneath your fake tan.

Step 2

Don’t shave right before application; the fake tan formula will seep into pores, leaving a dotty effect over legs. Not quite the sun-kissed finish you were hoping for. If you need to shave ahead of fake-tanning, make sure to do it before tan day. Jump in the shower after body brushing and shave under arms and legs, so you’re perfectly prepped for tomorrow’s glow up.

Step 3

It’s officially tan day. Right before you’re ready to fake tan, step into a warm shower (don’t make it too hot – this dries out the skin and causes fake tan to fade quicker). Squeeze your favourite body wash onto a shower puff, then buff lightly over wet skin to clean and lightly exfoliate any remaining rough patches. Any leftover residue from moisturiser or deodorant will block tanning agents from working, resulting in a patchy finish, so make sure you thoroughly cleanse all over for silky skin.

Step 4

Say goodbye to orange palms and patchy knees: Moisturiser is here for you. Apply a small amount to feet, hands, knees and elbows, the areas where fake tan tends to develop a little darker. Once absorbed into skin, you’re ready to go full-on faux.
Rimmel SunShimmer Mousse
Product shot of Rimmel SunShimmer Self Tan Mousse

The Routine

From first-time tanners to glow pros, our guide to getting your perfect tan will leave you looking sun-kissed all summer. Ideal if you’ve spent your hols sleeping all day and partying all night...

Time to Tan

Thinking sun-kissed skin or deep, bronzed finish? Start by choosing your shade of SunShimmer Self Tan Mousse to suit your vibe. Pump the light, airy formula onto a velvety mitt and smooth over one area of your body at a time. Sweep the mitt in upwards, circular motions to ensure there are no gaps, for a streak-free finish. To achieve the most natural-looking tan, quickly swipe mitt over hands and feet last, so as not to overload these areas with product. Then, allow to develop for at least an hour before rinsing off. Hello, summer skin.

Glow Maintenance

You’ve got your glow, now you want to keep it. Moisturise daily with a light lotion to maintain a smooth, fresh fake tan for as long as possible. To go a shade deeper or top up your tan, reapply a light layer of SunShimmer Self Tan Mousse the next day, building up to a flawless tanned look.

Build Your Bronze

Want to take your tan next level? Create a sleek, sculpted finish by applying SunShimmer Instant Tan Shimmer Water Resistant down the centre of legs and arms. Using a velvety mitt, lightly blend outwards for a contoured effect. Next, swirl a big, fluffy brush into Radiance Brick bronzer, dusting onto your décolletage and tops of shoulders to enhance and sculpt. Finish by sweeping brush under cheekbones, up to temples and under the jawline to tan, tone and get those angels on point. You glow, girl.
Product shot of Rimmel SunShimmer Instant Tan Shimmer Water Resistant
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