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6 makeup tricks you need for that summer party

Because it’s not a summer party until you’ve shared it on social media, chances are you’ll be taking a selfie (or 20) when you head out this weekend. Of course you’ll look amazing, but all that extra sunlight calls for some simple makeup tweaks.

So, we’ve rounded up six pointers for makeup that stays gorgeous when it’s hot outside, from bronzer tricks for a believable glow, to lipstick upgrades that cheat the effects of your fave filter.

1. Go with the glow

When sunlight hits your face, it puts the focus on your base makeup, which is why light, natural-looking pigments are a must for the freshest finish. Prep with a glow-giving foundation like Wake Me Up Foundation, £8.99, which veils your skin in radiance pearls that do away with signs of tiredness.

2. Shun the shine

6 makeup tricks you need for that summer party

Like we said, you want glow – not sweat-induced shine – so set your makeup with an ultra-fine powder, like Stay Matte, £3.99, which feels feather-light on your skin. Dust it over the places where you tend to get oily, like the t-zone and the chin, and you’ll still be getting plenty of dewiness from your foundation.

3. Line your lids

This makeup trick is a selfie essential. If most of your pictures come from camera phones, it’s easy for features like eyes to lose definition in photographs. Make them stand out with a bolt of bold colour on your lids, like the blue end of Magnif’Eyes Double-Ended Shadow + Liner in Dark Side of Blue, £6.99 – then nudge the black, smoky end between your lashes.

4. Love your lashes

Plumped-up lashes are always on trend, so coat yours in a body-boosting mascara like Volume Colourist Mascara, £7.99, which comes with a gradual tint. Perfect for pool party prep, it darkens your lashes over 14 days of wear, so by the time you dive in, your lashes will look glossy and black without anything on. No smudges here!

5. Conquer contouring

6 makeup tricks you need for that summer party

Sculpting that makes you look sun-kissed is the ultimate bonus. That’s what you get with the Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99, which contains a contour powder, a coral blusher and a shimmering highlighter. Sunlight can wash out your structure in selfies, but this handy kit ensures your features still pop. Meanwhile, the glow-boosting shades fake the effects of two weeks on a hot holiday.

6. Fake a filter

You know that photo filter that makes your lips look punchy and packed with shine? You can fake that with a sheer lipstick in an extra-vibrant shade. Try Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick in Pink Rules, £6.49, which injects your pout with a dewy kiss of fuchsia, while throwing hydration and SPF20 into the mix.

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